Voice & quartet

Friday 24 Nov. 2017

8:00 PM , Bâtiment des Forces Motrices, Genève


Claude Debussy - Quatuor à cordes en sol mineur
Henri Duparc - La vie antérieure
Maurice Ravel - Le Paon
Francis Poulenc - Le travail du peintre : Chagall
Francis Poulenc - Tel jour telle nuit
Isabelle Aboulker - Nocturne
Camille Saint Saëns - Mélodies persanes
Ernest Chausson - La chanson perpétuelle op. 37 pour voix et quatuor
Programme composed of covers, arrangements and various melodies


Marina Viotti, mezzo-soprano, 3rd Prize 2016
Vision String Quartet, 1st Prize 2016
Todd Camburn, piano

Official inauguration of the CD "Coup de coeur Breguet 2016" (Vision Sting Quartet)

Recorded by  Espace 2
With the support of the Association des Amis du Concours de Genève


Our winners are young artists who are also young men and women of our world: they travel, they discover, they experiment and they dare to transgress the codes of classical culture. They engage with new forms of media, share their passions and broaden their art form’s horizons. This concert gives them a free rein and their choice of arm: French music first of all, from Debussy to Poulenc, with Chausson’s beautiful Chanson perpétuelle, then the freedom to use their imagination. Isn’t what matters to us in a concert today also the story the artists tell us, the journey on which they take us and the surprises they have in store for us? Let these young and talented people guide us along the musical tangents!