Frank Madlener

Director of Ircam - Center Pompidou (Paris, France)


Director of Ircam - Center Pompidou, Director of the Festival and International Academy ManiFeste and the Annual Forum Vertigo (Art and Innovation), Frank Madlener completed his musical studies in France, Germany and Austria (piano, conducting) parallel to his philosophy cursus. 

Winner of the European Mozart Foundation, he worked in Prague, Budapest and Krakow. From 1998 to 2002, he was artistic director of the Ars Musica Festival in Brussels and then artistic director of the Musica Festival of Strasbourg between 2013 and 2015.

Ircam is a unique center in the world, dedicated to scientific research, music creation and knowledge transfer, bringing together nearly 160 collaborators. Confronting artistic creation, scientific foresight and engineering, active in several European networks (Vertigo, Interfaces, Ulysses), Ircam today engages contemporary issues: man-machine companionship, knowledge and perception, invention of material and forms, interactivity and spatialization, big data, IA and authorship.

In 2020, Ircam created Ircam Amplify, a spin-off for the commercialization of the institute’s audio innovations. A true interface between state of the art of audio research and the industrial world on a global scale, Ircam Amplify is a major actor in the sound revolution of the 21st century. Frank Madlener is President of Ircam Amplify.