2008 - cello

Official Prizes

First Prize
István VÁRDAI, Hungary

Second Prize ex-aequo    
Alexander BUZLOV, Russia

Second Prize ex-aequo 
Peter Philipp STAEMMLER, Germany

Special Prizes

Audience Prize
István VÁRDAI, Hungary

"Coup de Coeur Breguet" Prize
István VÁRDAI, Hungary

"Pierre Fournier" Prize 
István VÁRDAI, Hungary

"Paul Streit" Prize
Julian ARP, Germany

Members of the Jury

François Guye, Switzerland, President
Lluis Claret, Andorre
Valentin Erben, Austria
Karine Georgian, Russia/Royaume-Uni
Walter Grimmer, Switzerland
Natalia Gutman, Russia
Maria Kliegel, Germany
Roland Pidoux, France
Tsuyoshi Tsutsumi, Japan