Concours de Genève


68th Concours de Genève - Composition Prize 2013

with the support of the Queen Marie José Foundation

Subject :

Work for flute solo and small ensemble of five instruments.

Choice amongst the following groups: Strings: violin, viola, cello  / Winds: oboe, clarinet, bassoon (secondary instruments are allowed)  / Piano  / Percussions: free choice of instruments.


Ivan FEDELE, Italy, Chairman
Toshio HOSOKAWA, Japan
Magnus LINDBERG, Finland
Philippe MANOURY, France
Isabel MUNDRY, Germany


30 March : registration deadline

29 April - 1 May : pre-selection of the Finalists

December 1st : public Final

Studio Ansermet, GE       
Finalists of the Composition Prize 2013
Ensemble Contrechamps, dir. Michael WENDEBERG
Silvia CAREDDU, flute, 1st Prize 2001
Felix RENGGLI, flute

Eunho Chang, Corée (1983) : Gohok
Adriano Gaglianello, Italie (1983) : Shrew !
Chikako Yamanaka, Japon (1983) : Uminari
Gabriele Cosmi, Italie(1988) : Geghard II
Kwang-Ho Cho, Corée (1987) : Pneuma

Prize-giving ceremony

In collaboration with Contrechamps

Official Prize

The official prize of the Composition Prize of the Geneva Competition is CHF 15'000.-

More information

Composition Competition Rules
Composition Competition Rules in PDF



Ivan FEDELE, Italy, Chairman

Toshio HOSOKAWA, Japan

Magnus LINDBERG, Finland

Philippe MANOURY, France

Isabel MUNDRY, Germany


M. Eunho CHANG, South Korea, 29 years

Mr.  Kwang Ho CHO, South Korea, 25 years

Mr.  Gabriele COSMI, Italy, 24 years

Mr.  Adriano  GAGLIANELLO, Italy, 29 years

Mme Chikako YAMANAKA, Japan, 30 years

Public final


17h00, Studio Ansermet                                       

Finalists of the Composition Prize 2013            
Ensemble Contrechamps, dir. Gregory CHARETTE
Silvia CAREDDU, 1st Prize Flute 2001
Felix RENGGLI, flute

Members of the Jury

Ivan FEDELE, Italie, President
Toshio HOSAKAWA, Japan
Magnus LINDBERG, Finland
Philippe MANOURY, France
Isabel MUNDRY, Germany


Eunho Chang (born in 1983), Korea : Gohok
Adriano Gaglianello (born in 1983), Italy : Shrew !
Chikako Yamanaka (born in 1983), Japan : Uminari
Gabriele Cosmi (born in 1988), Italy : Geghard II
Kwang-Ho Cho (born in 1987), Korea : Pneuma

Followed by the prize-giving Ceremony

With the collaboration of Contrechamps

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Composition Prize 2013

Mr. Kwang Ho Cho
South Korea, 25 years

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Special prizes :

Audience Prize
Chikako Yamanaka, Japan

Young Audience Prize
Chikako Yamanaka, Japan

Air France-KLM Prize
Chikako Yamanaka, Japan


Young audience prize

Last year, the Geneva Competition innovated by offering a Young Audience Prize, in partnership with Médecins sans Frontières. This experience was a great success, attracting close to fifty young students.

This year, for the Composition Prize 2013, The Geneva Competition will be renewing this project in partnership with the Ensemble Contrechamps and with the support of Médecins Sans Frontières. Students from music schools will vote according to specific criteria, thus representing the voice of young musicians today. 

On Saturday November 30th at 5 pm at the Studio Ernest-Ansermet - the day before the official Final - the five finalists will present their pieces to the members of the Young Audience Jury, explaining their musical choices and answering the jury's questions. The two soloists will also be there to perform short excerpts of each piece. 

If you are a student of a music school in Geneva, are between 12 and 17 years, and curious to discover the secrets of contemporary creation, come join the jury of the Young Audience Prize ! 

Programme :

Saturday 30 November 2013, 5 PM
Studio Ernest-Ansermet
The composers present their work in front of the Young Audience Jury

Sunday 1 December 2013, 10 AM
Studio Ernest-Ansermet
Final of the Composition Prize, Young Audience Prize
Information and registration :

CONTRECHAMPS - Education programme
Sarah Mouquod / tel. 022 329 24 00