Concours de Genève


21 competitors out of 36 were selected to continue on to the second round of the piano competition:

Mr. Igor ANDREEV (26 y.o., Russia), Mr. Giulio BIDDAU (29 y.o., Italy), Mr. Florian CAROUBI (25 y.o., France), Mr. Yung Hoon CHUN (21 y.o., South Korea), Ms. Iana DANISHEVSKAIA (28 y.o., Russia), Mme Asaki INO (27 y.o., Japan), Mr. Takuma ISHII (25 y.o., Japan), Mr. Myunghyun KIM (25 y.o., South Korea), Mr. Honggi KIM (23 y.o., South Korea), Ms. Jung Eun KIM (20 y.o., South Korea), Mr. Rodolfo LEONE (23 y.o., Italy), Ms. Pallavi MAHIDHARA (27 y.o., USA), Mr. Jinho MOON (28 y.o., South Korea), Ms. Ji-Yeong MUN (18 y.o., South Korea), Ms. Arisa ONODA (18 y.o., Japan), Mr. Joo Hyeon PARK (26 y.o., South Korea), Ms. Nadezda PISAREVA (27 y.o., Russia), Mr. Lu SHEN (29 y.o., China), Mr. Jun SUN (26 y.o., China), Mr. Ryutaro SUZUKI (24 y.o., Japan), Mr. Masaru YOSHITAKE (28 y.o., Japan).

For the next round (Recital II) candidates will be required to perform one of Beethoven’s Sonatas, a work of French music by Debussy, Ravel, Poulenc or Fauré, as well as a compulsory piece: “Lightenings” by Swiss composer William Blank. The second recital will be held on Monday 25th and Tuesday 27th of November at the Geneva Music Conservatory (sessions at 11 am, 2 pm and 7 pm).  

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18 candidates were selected for the Recital II of the flute competition:

Mrs Mayuko AKIMOTO (22 years, Japan), Mrs Elena BADAEVA (25 years, Russia), Mrs Hélène BOULEGUE (24 years, France), M. Ting-Wei CHEN (24 years, Taiwan), Mrs Hyunseo CHEON (17 years, South Korea), Mrs Adriana FERREIRA (24 years, Portugal), Mrs Julia HABENSCHUSS (24 years, Austria), M. Sébastian JACOT (27 years, Switzerland), M. Yubeen KIM (17 years, South Korea), M. Yuki KOYAMA (28 years, Japan), Mrs Helena MACHEREL (19 years, Switzerland), M. Alexander MARINESKU (26 years, Russia), Mrs Sarah OUAKRAT (27 years, France), Mrs Yaeram PARK (18 years, South Korea), Mrs Ji Weon RYU (22 years, South Korea), Mrs Sojeong SON (25 years, South Korea), M. Pantxoa URTIZBEREA (22 years, France) and M. Mark XIAO (27 years, Australia).

The Flute Recital II takes place on November 22-23 at the Studio E. Ansermet (RTS).

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For the first time, the Geneva Competition will be collaborating with the University of Geneva’s department of musicology, whose students will be giving a series of public interviews. The students receive coaching by a journalist of the Radio Télévision Suisse - Espace 2.

Entrance free of charge !

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The 69th Geneva International Music Competition "Piano & Flute" will take place from November 16th - December 5th 2014. Tickets for all competition sessions are available on this website!

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The 70th Geneva Competition will be presenting composition. This new discipline pursues the tradition of the Reine Marie José Prize and aims at encouraging and supporting contemporary creation.

Registrations open at the end of Jury 2014. Application deadline 31 March 2015.

Subject of the competition : String Quartet

Jury members :

Michael Jarrell, Chairman
Unsuk Chin
Pascal Dusapin
Luca Francesconi
Wolfgang Rihm

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