Shoichi Yabuta

Composition Prize 2015

Work for string quartet: "Billow"

Shoichi Yabuta studied composition at the Tokyo College of Music (Tokyo ondai) with Akira Nishimura, Tomiko Kojiba, Arima Reiko, Fujiwara Yutaka, Izuka Kunihiko and Bruce Stark. He also studied traditional Asian art (music, calligraphy, religion, aesthetics, cosmology, etc.), which has deeply influenced his work as a composer.

He has been awarded many prizes: 2nd Prize at the Japan Music Competition three years in a row (2009-10-11), Olivier Messiaen Prize in 2012, Wiener Konzerthaus Prize in 2013, 1st Prize of the Sorodha Competition in 2013 and 2nd Prize of the New Note competition in Croatia in 2014.

His catalogue counts a great number of works for different formations ranging from solo instrument to orchestra.