Laureates | Concours de Genève

NOVO Quartet

1st Prize

Kaya Kato Møller, Violin 1
Nikolai Vasili Nedergaard, Violin 2
Daniel Śledziński, Viola
Signe Ebstrup Bitsch, Cello

Among the most in-demand young ensembles in Denmark, the NOVO Quartet has already earned recognition from several prestigious international competitions after five years of dedicated work. Most recently, they won both the first prize and four other awards at the Geneva International Music Competition 2023. Furthermore, they got selected by The Danish Arts Foundation for ‘The Young Artistic Elite’ program 2024-26. Earlier in the year, they were awarded the first prize along with the audience award at the Irene Steels-Wilsing International String Quartet Competition in Heidelberg, as well as the second prize at the Carl Nielsen International Chamber Music Competition in Copenhagen.

The starting point for the NOVO Quartet to get familiar with the art of chamber music was from the guidance of Tim Frederiksen at Royal Danish Academy of Music. Following four years with Frederiksen as a mentor, the NOVO Quartet took the next step by studying at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna as part of the prestigious European Chamber Music Academy. Additionally, the quartet has benefited from musical guidance from renowned artists such as members of the Alban Berg Quartet, Artemis Quartet, Quatuor Ébène, Jerusalem Quartet, Quatuor Modigliani, and the Danish String Quartet.

The NOVO Quartet has been active on both Danish and international stages, from China to the USA, from Switzerland to Greenland. They have participated in several radio programs and collaborated with acclaimed artists such as pianists Alexander Lonquich and Per Tengstrand, cellist Andreas Brantelid, horn player Felix Klieser, as well as a range of ensembles including Dreamers’ Circus, Quatuor Modigliani, and Jerusalem Quartet.

The youthful spirit and creative approach of the NOVO Quartet have led to a wide range of projects. Apart from their performances, they host their own festival, "Across Chamber Music Series," aiming to create music across borders in collaboration with fellow young chamber musicians. They have also collaborated with contemporary Danish composers, fostering a deep curiosity in the process behind music creation. A collaboration with composer Mette Nielsen resulted in the quartet's debut album, "Frozen Moments," released in the summer of 2023.

While classical music remains their primary focus, the NOVO Quartet has also explored exciting collaborations with jazz and pop musicians. Their recent collaboration with the fashion brand "UNIQLO" underscores their commitment to exploring innovative and unexpected intersections between music and different art forms.

The special trait of the NOVO Quartet is the strong bond of friendship within the ensemble - mutual respect, care for each other, and humor do not only define the personal chemistry among the members but also shape their musical identity and stage presence. Their strong bond, both musically and personally, shines through in their performances, characterized by unity and a deep emotional resonance with the music they present.

Kaya Kato Møller plays on a violin by Josef Guadagnini from 1800, Nikolai Vasili Nedergaard on a violin by David Tecchler from 1706, and Daniel Śledziński on a viola by Noémie Viaud from 2021, thanks to generous loans from the Augustinus Foundation. Signe Ebstrup Bitsch plays on a modern cello by Wojchiech Topa owned by herself.

Updated on 12.12.2023