Elena Badaeva

3rd Prize flute 2014

Elena Badaeva, 25 years old, Russia

Native of Irkoutsk, in Siberia, Elena was recognized for her talent very early on: already at twelve years old, she travelled to Germany for a concert tour sponsored by the Gorbatchev, Kopelev and Menuhin Foundations. In 2006, she entered the Hochschule für Musik in Freiburg in Brisgau with Felix Renggli, with whom she completed her bachelors and masters. In 2012, she studied for one semester in Paris with Sophie Cherrier and Vincent Lucas, before entering the Hochschule für Musik of Leipzig for postgraduate studies with Irmela Bossler. During her studies, she obtained many awards, including 1st Chamber Music Prize at the Hochscule in Freiburg, 3rd Prize at the Friedrich Kuhlau International Competition in Germany and 1st Prize at the Domenico Cimarosa International Competition in Italy.