Piano 2022

27-30 October 2022

Geneva, Switzerland


SEMI-FINAL ROUND IN 3 PARTS (max. 8 candidates)

Each candidate competes in all three phases, and the jury will decide on all three phases.
The three phases count for the calculation of the final evaluation

  1. SOLO RECITAL (60-75 minutes): 45% of the evaluation
  • The program of the recital is at the free choice of the participants. It must be constructed as a concert and explained by a program note (in one of the following languages: French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic).     
  • The jury will take into account in its judgment the elaboration of the program, its interest and of course its execution.
  1. CHAMBER MUSIC / ACCOMPANIMENT (30-40 minute): 35% of the evaluation
  • L. v. Beethoven : one of the 5 Sonatas for Piano and Violoncello at free choice.    
  • One of the Song/Lieder cycles from the Annex list « Song/Lieder »
  • The semi-finalist is invited to propose an artistic project to be carried out during the two years following the awarding of a prize in the competition.  
  • The project may take various forms, be purely musical in nature (recital program, concerts tour) or involve other forms of artistic expression (visual, textual, dance) with other artists.  
  • The artistic project must be realistic but ambitious, must be able to be proposed within the framework of a festival, a concert season, a theater, a tour, etc.   
  • The artistic project must be an original proposal, intimately linked to the artistic personality of the semi-finalist (no projects already proposed in the past or copied from other artists).
  • The project may be presented in the form of a text, a projected presentation, a video or any other medium.
  • The project will be prepared, adapted (if necessary) and further developed during the one-month timeframe between the announcement of the semifinalists and the arrival in Geneva. Online interactive sessions with professional coaches are organized. 
  • When in Geneva, a journalist willconduct a filmed interview (in French, English, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese or Arabic) which will allow to better understand the personality of the semi-finalist and the relevance of the artistic project.     
  • The Jury will review the projects at the end of the semi-final phase. It will evaluate the project, taking into consideration its artistic interest, its originality, whether it is adapted to the artist who presents it, and its relevance in the context of the beginning of a career.    
  • The Jury will take into account the report of the specialist(s) who assisted the semi-finalist and examine the stages of realization of the project, judging to what extent they are realistic.